Names of pornstars starting with S


  • Sabrina Taylor

    also known as: Sabrina

    Born June 30, 1982- Place of birth: San Francisco, California, United States

  • Sadie Santana

    also known as: Sandie Santana

    Born May 20, 1991 - Place of birth: New Orleans, Louisiana, United States United

  • Samantha Lucci

    also known as: Savanna Raiye

    Born February 18, 1979 - Place of birth: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

  • Jackmon password

    also known as: Sandy Jackom, Sandy Jackman, Sandi Jackman,

    Born November 08, 1983 - Los Angelas, CA - California, United States

  • Sandra Parker

    also known as: Victoria Blond, Sandra Blond

    Born October 10, 1983 - Place of birth: Budapest, Hungary

  • Sandra Romain

    also known as: Maria Popescu, Sandra Mertz, Sandra Romaine, Sandra Roman , Sondra Romain

    Born March 26, 1978 - Place of birth: Timisoara, Romania

  • Sandra Russo

    also known as: Katja Schone, Sandra Rossa, Michaelle, Sabina Rush, Sandra Shield

    Born July 28, 1974 - Place of birth: Humenne, Slovakia

  • Sara Jay

    also known as: Sarah J, Sarah Jay, S. Jaye

    Born November 14, 1977 - Place of birth: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

  • Sara Stone

    also known as: Sarah Stone, Sara

    Born August 25, 1983 - Place of birth: Torrance, California, USA

  • Sasha Grey

    also known as: Anna Karina / Sasha Gray

    Born March 14, 1988 - Place of birth: Sacramento, California, United States

  • Sativa Rose

    also known as: Sative Rose, Sativa, Satna Rose

    Born January 21, 1984 - Place of birth: Guadalajara, Mexico

  • Savannah Fox

    also known as: Savannah Foxxx

    Born September 02, 1987 - Place of birth: New York, New York, USA United

  • Selena Star

    also known as: Leila Martinez, Leia Martinez, Sunshine

    Born June 29, 1988 - Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

  • Selena Steele

    also known as: Selena Steel, Selena Steele

    Born January 17, 196 - Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

  • Sensual Jane

    also known as: Janelle

    Born July 15, 1983 - Place of birth: Bucharest, Romania

  • Sexy Vanessa

    also known as: Vanessa Bella, Sexxxy Vanessa

    Born July 21, 1963 - Place of birth: Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • Shai Lee

    also known as: Shai Lee

    Born May 19, 1978 - Place of birth: Seoul, Korea e du Sud

  • Shannon Kelly

    also known as: Shannon Liza Kelly, Shannen Kelly, Shannon Barber

    Born November 30, 1980 - Place of birth: Rockville, Connecticut, United States

  • Shay Fox

    Shay Fox

    also known as: Shey Fox

    Born January 17, 1969 - Place of birth: California, United States

  • Sheila Marie

    also known as: Rosanna de la Vega, Rosanna Dela Vega, Mrs. Sheila

    Born May 28, 1969 - Place of birth: Folsom, California, United States

  • Shi Reeves

    also known as: Shai Reeves

    Born February 14, 1983 - Place of birth: Eerie, Pennsylvania, USA

  • Shyla Stylez

    also known as: Amanda Auclair

    Born September 23, 1982 - Birthplace: Armstrong, British Columbia, Canada

  • Sofia Stacks

    also known as: Sofia Stacks

    Born: unknown - Place of birth: unknown

  • Sophia Mounds

    also known as: Sophia Mounds

    Born November 30, 1969 - Place of birth: California, United States

  • Sophia Sekaninova

    also known as: Sophia

    Born October 18, 1979 - Place of birth: Moscow, Russia

  • Sophie Dee

    also known as: Mary Beth, Sofia D, Sophia Dee, Sophie, Sophie D

    Born 17 January 1984 - Place of birth: Llanelli, Wales, United Kingdom United

  • Stacey Saran

    also known as: Antonia Deona, Jamie Lee, Jamie Lee Summers, Jamie Lu Delamane

    Born 12 November 1979 - Place of birth: Wales, United Kingdom

  • Summer Sin

    also known as: Summer Sin

    Born April 23, 1972 - Place of birth: Boston, Massachusetts, United States

  • Sweet Nicky

    also known as: Sweet Nick

    Born September 20, 1975 - Place of birth: Repentigny, Quebec, Canada

  • Stevie Shae

    also known as:

    Born October 23, 1992 - Place of birth: San Jose, California, United States

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