Names of pornstars starting with J


  • Jada Fire

    also known as: Ja da Fire, Jada

    Born September 01, 1976 - Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

  • Jade Russell

    également connue sous le nom de : Lexi Cummins, Lexi Cummings, 

    Née le 27 février 1982 - Lieu de naissance : Arizona, Etats-Unis

  • Jamie Brooks

    also known as: Janny Brookes, Jaime Brooks, Jamie Brookes, Jaimi Brooks , Jamie British

    Born June 04, 1982 - Place of birth: London, England

  • Janet Mason

    also known as: Janet Mason, Trisha

    Born April 08, 1967 - Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

  • Jaslin Diaz

    also known as: Jasline Diaz, Monica Morales, Octavia, Sholeh

    Born August 12, 1988 - Place of birth: Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States States

  • Jasmine Arabia

    also known as: Jasmine Arabia, Samia

    Born August 09, 1990 - Place of birth: Paris, France

  • Jasmine Black

    also known as: Ana Hot, Black Jasmine, Black Yasmin, Jasmin, Jasmine, Jasmine B, Jasmyne, Mary, Ora, Yasmine Black

    Born November 17, 1987 - Place of birth: Bucharest, Romania

  • Jasmine Rouge

    also known as: Catia Lord, Paola Morgane, Jasmin Esterra, Jasmin Forever , Jasmine La Rouge, Jasmine Montero, Jasmine Rogue, Yasmine Rouge

    Born May 13, 1984 - Place of birth: Bucharest, Romania

  • Jayden James

    also known as: Jayden Jaymes, Michele Lee, Jay

    Born February 13, 1986 - Place of birth: Upland, California, United States

  • Jaylene Rio

    also known as: aylene Rio, Jayden Rios. Jaylene, Jaylene Rios

    Born April 16, 1975 - Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, USA

  • Jayna Osso

    also known as: Jaena, Jana Oso, Jayna

    Born August 17, 1981 - Place of birth: Brunei, Malaysia

  • Jazmine Cashmere

    also known as: Jazmine, Jasmine Cashm

    Born April 17, 1984 - Place of birth: Crest Hill, Illinois, USA

  • Jenaveve Jolie

    also known as: Jeanave Jolee, Jenaveve Jolee, Jenavieve Jolie, Jeneveve Jollie ,

    Born June 04, 1984 - Place of birth: San Luis Obispo, California, USA United

  • Jenna Presley

    also known as: Jenna Pressley

    Born April 01, 1987 - Place of birth: San Diego, California, United States

  • Jennifer Max

    also known as: Gabriela Max, Jenna, Jenifer Max, Gabriela, Gabrielle , Jennifer, Kirsten

    Born March 03, 1983 - Place of birth: Prague, Czech Republic

  • Jessi Summers

    Also known as: Jessie Summers, Jesse Summers

    Born August 19, 1987 - Place of birth: Portland, Oregon, USA

  • Jessica Moore

    also known as: Antonia Moraliti, Jeanette, Jessica, Rebecca Smith

    Born November 14, 1985 - Place of birth: Budapest, Romania

  • Jessica Robbin

    also known as: Jessica Rabbit, Jessica Robbins

    Born November 20, 1994 - Place of birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

  • Jessica Roberts

    also known as: Jessica Roberts

    Born May 24, 1988 - Place of birth: Chicago, Illinois, USA

  • Jessica Young

    also known as: Heather Hurley

    Born October 30, 1983 - Place of birth: CA - California, United States

  • Jewels Jade

    also known as: Jewels, Jewel Jade

    Born October 13, 1976 - Place of birth: San Diego, California, United States

  • Judith Fox

    also known as: Judith Fox, Judite Fox, Judita Fox, Judit Fox

    Born February 25, 1980 - Place of birth: Budapest, Romania

  • Julia Ann

    also known as: Julia Ann, Julia

    Born October 08, 1969 - Place of birth: Los Angeles, California, United States

  • Julianna Jolene

    also known as: Julianna Jolene, Cassandra, Juliana Jolee

    Born July 19, 1981 - Place of birth: Milaca, Minnesota, USA

  • Juliette Bardot


    Born December 15, 1981 - Place of birth: England, California, United States

  • June Summers

    also known as: June Summer, Jene Summers

    Born September 19, 1970 - Place of birth: Miami, Florida, United States

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